How Google Search Affects Your Business

Google Search

Google first announced Search 3.0 referred to as “vertical”, “universal”, or “blended, search” – back in 2007 that upgraded its Search 2.0 algorithms or “text-based results” (web pages) to add different kinds of results such as video, images, and news, and in 2009 added “real time search” integrating updates from Twitter and other social media sites into search results.

This article explains how Google search affects your business for those who want to better optimize their web presence utilizing the new algorithms.

1) It is all about Real Estate

SEO (search engine optimization) is all about providing content that people link to and is  optimized for certain keywords so that specific web pages would show up on the first page. (i.e.: Top Ten Listing)  However, those 10 spots are now cut down significantly. Some of that real estate is now reserved for different kinds of content across the web – video, photo images, etc. – that are on their own ranking algorithm.

With the opportunities to get on the first page of search results limited, businesses need to create multimedia content to take advantage of the new algorithms. Today, that means posting videos to YouTube or photos to Flickr, and linking articles and multimedia content to optimize the search results.
2) Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

SERPs may contain advertisements. This is how commercial search engines fund their operations. Common examples of these advertisements are displayed on the right hand side of the page as small classified style ads or directly above the main organic search results on the left. With this new, visually appealing, search results part way down the first page of search results, there is now a visual barrier that focuses users’ eyes even more on the top of the search results page. This means few people scroll to the bottom of the page or go on to the second or third page.

For optimized results your Web Site must be at the top of the first SERP and be one of the first 10 search results.

3) How To Brand Your Web Site?

Creating content is the optimal means to attract potential clients who are there to learn about and engage with your brand, not only on your Website, but social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. So, how do you turn YouTube video views into leads and sales for your business when SERP real estate is going to multimedia content? This is just one of the ways how Google search engine optimization affect your website development.

Always give people a way to further engage with your company, whether it’s by including a link to your website or blog article in the video description. Be sure to include your logo or an action call within the multimedia you posted. By referencing and linking your videos to your articles, you will optimize the chance of ending up in prime real estate.

William B. Weeks Jr.