About William

William is President and CEO of Gate One Marketing International, Inc.

I enjoy writing articles and producing video’s that can help businesses and individuals with their Internet Sales and Marketing campaigns worldwide, as well as personal stories to give you an insight into my life and travels.

I can help your business in any phase, from Start-up to an existing Business and especially High Tech Start-ups Worldwide!

Please Note: High Tech Start-ups can have problems conveying their message and through my company Gate One Marketing International, Inc. I can help!

The major issue with High Tech companies is they hire Website Developers who do not understand their business, my partner, Per-Erik Olsen  (who is VP and CTO) and I have over 40 years experience in Semiconductors, Simulation and Modeling, Aerospace/Defense Systems, Data Acquisition and Control Systems, and Automated Test Equipment for the Department of Defense and the Swedish Space Industry.

In addition, We have designed websites for Authors, Artists, 501 C3 Charities, Tennis Coaches, High Tech Companies, Small Businesses, and virtually any business requiring a productive Website.

Even if you are not a High Tech company, We can help; having written custom Sales, Marketing, and Business plans for a number of companies from Synopsys, Summit Design, TransModeling, Inc, EVE, Sa, System Solutions, EADS NA, Colorado Country Clubs, and for International Artists such as Rafaela.

We offer an insight that can be invaluable for your business.

Please feel free to contact me, I will tell you straight up if I can help your business! Try that with most other companies. I work with you and for you to make your business successful! Your success is our success!

For my friends who are new to Internet Marketing, We can help you with Internet Training and Recommendations on the best Internet  products to join! I have seen the best and I can help you decide before you spend your hard earned money only to learn you have been taken! Feel free to contact me, I will happily give you my recommendations.

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Gate One Marketing International, Inc has offices in the USA and Europe.

BIO: I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida where I was a Professional Surfer and I was one of the original members of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s road crew; having worked with them from 1969 through 1978 and with the knowledge I gained, I later designed and built my own professional sound recording studio.Lynyrd Skynyrd’s lead Guitarist Allan Collins was one of my best friends and a huge inspiration in my musical education and I will always appreciate his help! I introduced him to his wife Cathy Johns and was friends with his father Larken Allen Collins.

I majored in Electrical Engineering at the University of Florida. The last 25 years I have been in Engineering, Sales and Business Development for various Silicon Valley and European High Tech companies focused  on Modeling and Simulation Environments, Data Acquisition, including Shock and Vibration Testing,  and in the Aerospace/Defense Industry..

I have been an entrepreneur for 25 years having founded the High Tech company called TransModeling Inc. which was a Semiconductor Modeling and Simulation company where I was on the Board of Directors and Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. I was also Vice President  of Worldwide Sales for Emulation and Verification Engineering EVE, Sa. a French Company, where I was instrumental in the acquisition of  $12M in Venture Capitol.

In addition, I directed International Sales and Marketing for Pacific Instruments and EADS NA Test and Services.

I now represent 10+ Aerospace and Defense manufacturer’s called Vaughn Associates, as well as a co-founder of Gate One Marketing International, Inc.

I specialize full time on Internet Marketing, Business Development Consulting, and Social Media Marketing Management;including Website Development, SEO, and Advanced PPC.

I have written numerous articles on Search Engine Optimization and have an Expert status on Ezine.com.

My Specialties at Gate One Marketing, Inc  are:

  1. Video Marketing
  2. Pay Per Click Marketing
  3. Sales, Marketing, and Business Development
  4. Seminar Presentations
  5. Personal Coaching and Mentoring
  6. Web Site Development
  7. SEO
  8. Social Media Management
  9. Press Releases
  10. Sales and Business Development Plans
  11. Customer Relationship Management

I hope my blog will give you inspiration to succeed and move forward in your life! My intent is to help you to have the mind set to succeed and persevere! It is really up to you, but I am here to mentor and coach you to success! I just want to give back more than I received!

I look forward to speaking with you personally!