How a Small Home Business can use Twitter – 5 keys

Twitter Social Media

Synopsis: Many individuals and small home business owners don’t see how Twitter can help them market their business. However, major retailers have already gotten the hang of the Internets fastest-growing and most talked-about social media site and are using it to their advantage.

  • Dell announced it’s made $7 million in sales through Twitter, just by tweeting with “no strategy” in particular.
  • All of the major Automobile companies use Twitter to advertise their vehicles.
  • A number of Major Airlines like Jet Blue and Southwest are using Twitter
  • Companies can utilize Twitter Internally to notify their Employee’s current news events or HR updates.
  • Hotel Chains are utilizing Twitter to advertise special rates and enhancements to their properties.

How can you use Twitter to grow your Small Home Business? Here are 5 basic tips to get you started.

  1. Create a profile. Fill it out completely, providing a good description of your business, and a link to your company Web site. You may want to set up two or more Twitter accounts – perhaps one as a customer-service channel, and another as the main company page.
  1. To Start: First off can search for Twitter users in your area of interest who have a lot of followers and watch what they’re saying. Follow them – some will follow you back and you’ll start to build an audience. You should find influential Twitter users such as Peter Cashmore of Mashable (@mashable) or Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) and read their Twitter tips. Think of Twitter as your own personal branding system. You can Tweet news, quotes, or anything you think provides value. If it doesn’t you will find out very quickly!
  2. ReTweet. Start retweeting interesting posts from others. Participate in discussions. Search on your company name and find customers with problems – then solve them. Share news about your company too, but keep it to about one-quarter of your total posts.
  3. Create Interest. Hold a contest, take a poll, make a Twitter-only free offer, ask a question, or start a hashtagged discussion thread (a key word that begins with the # sign).
  4. Start a blog on your company Web site and post links to your posts on Twitter to draw visitors over to your URL.
  5. Promote your site. Feature your Twitter handle prominently on your own site and in all your marketing materials to help customers and prospects connect with you on Twitter and build your following.