Use Back Links to Increase your Website Ranking

Back Links are the top metric search engines use to determine who you are,what you are all about, and ultimately how your website is ranked in the search results. In short, links are your website’s heart and soul for lowering your rank. The fastest way to start your link-building efforts is to get that online vote of trust is to submit your Website to free directories, which is one of the best ways to get your business website on the Worldwide Web map.

So, how do you get more inbound links to your website, and where do you start?

Here’s a list of the free top link-building directories to help you get started.

Local Directories

Search Engine Local Business Listings Local (to double check if you’ve been listed)

Blog Directories

Review and Rating Directories:

Directories not only help you get more inbound links but also bring in more qualified traffic and generate leads. As you add your business websites to these directories, make sure you use very specific categories including location, industry-specific niches and anything else that makes you standout! Whether you are locally focused or have branches throughout the country, you need to be listed where people are looking for you. Inbound links pointing to your website from other trusted sources on the Web are like people voting on Google for the best Website!