Business Travel Insurance

Business Travel Insurance

In this article, we discuss why you should consider purchasing business travel insurance for your company and the two types you would want to purchase.

Business travel insurance is as necessary to your business operations as avoiding flight delays or traffic jams. Whether it’s a quick trip to the store, a jaunt across town for a business meeting or several days out of town for a conference, you’re always on the go. There are many companies which offer business travel insurance that will ensure that you and your employees are protected wherever your travels take you.

No matter how, why or where you travel, business travel insurance can help protect you and your employees against the unexpected occurrences that can interrupt your travels. Accidents, illnesses and injuries, can derail even the best laid plans. Learn more about the travel insurance that is right for your business needs and get a business travel insurance quote today!

Business Travel Insurance

Valuable employee benefits help you and your business attract and retain top quality workers. If you or your employees travel for business purposes, you’ll both appreciate the low-cost benefit and the valuable peace of mind that Business Travel Accident insurance provides.

Business Travel Insurance provides your employees with accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) benefits if they are involved in an accident while traveling on your behalf. Whether they’re flying across the country for a business conference, traveling overseas to welcome a new business partner or driving across town to meet with a client, they’re covered.

Travel Accident Insurance

You’re always on the go. You have things to do, places to go and people to see. Whether you’re on a quick jaunt across town, a business trip, a weekend getaway or a 10-day tour overseas, an accident or injury could derail your plans. The expenses from an accidental injury could really add up.

Travel Accident Insurance can financially protect you and your family (your spouse and/or your children) against the costs of travel-related accidents such as:

  • Death
  • Specific loss (such as loss of limb, eyesight or hearing)

No matter how you travel you’re covered:

  • As a pedestrian
  • Driving or as a passenger in a private automobile
  • As a fare-paying rider on a taxicab, bus, streetcar, subway, train, powerboat or ocean liner

Flying as a fare-paying passenger on a commercial aircraft