Business Development

Business Marketing

Business development is a combination of strategic analysis, marketing, and sales. I can help you create the right marketing strategy in order to generate sales leads, negotiate effectively and close deals. I can assist you to identify new business opportunities—whether that means new markets, new partnerships with other businesses, new ways to reach existing markets, or new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing markets and then to go out and exploit those opportunities. If you don’t position yourself with the right business development and marketing efforts, your chances of growing as a business are greatly diminished. I can assist you in identifying and capitalizing on these growth opportunities.

Through our company Gate One Marketing, my partner Per-Erik Olson and we will provide complete services for a wide range of Small Businesses and Start-ups companies, from Hi-Tech to Artists, Authors, Tennis Pro’s, Manufacturers Representatives, Nutritional Companies, Dry Cleaners, and Charities by providing Website development,Search Engine Optimization, Start-up Business Plans, and services such as Logo’s, advanced Pay Per Click Marketing, and Press Releases!

We are a full service Internet Marketing Company that can convey  your message. We work with you to meet your goals and requirements.

It is our commitment to our customers that sets us apart from the others!

Just ask, we will provide references!